Hermit crabs always fascinated me.  They swim underwater, live on land, eat yummy veggies and seafood.  And then when they grow, they cast off their own home for the next bigger and better shell house! Normally I see them find an abandoned, empty shell to slide their body tail into and get comfy, adjusting the inside and checking out the edges of their new abode.  Occasionally, they battle the current occupant for a shell, with the stronger crab winning the fight for the right to live there.

What’s it like to change your abode every time you grow larger physically? Casting off the close and comfortable for a new look, a new open feel, even the texture is different. Would that be the dream answer to our physical issues, just to switch outside old skin and broken bones, keeping the inner goodness of our heart intact? Would that be the solution to our desire to change?

As humans, we can’t just dump what we have accumulated over the months and years. It’s hard work to make significant changes to our being, inside and outside.  Every time we have the urge to get a better, smarter, slimmer, stronger shell, we have a challenge ahead of us. That urge must become a desire, a goal with specific means for achieving.  Just like the crab, we may find a new shell the minute we get that need, and sometimes we have to fight an epic battle to achieve our desire.  The success or failure of change is based on your willingness to fight for that new shell.

Are you ready to make a change? Do you have a desire to have specific means for achieving that goal?  Let’s start a conversation – reach out to me here Inspired Nutrition Coach and I will help you find a shell that fits.

Hugs, Diane ♥

Change Your Shell

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